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A Fake Tan thats good for your skin!!

Fake tan has come along way since it first burst onto the market all those years ago, there were very few options you had no choice but to go with with a fake tan that would make you orange. Now though things have completely changed (thank God) With tans these days there is no nasty fake tan smell, no more orange oompa lumpas!! However not all tans are using natural ingredients. Catwalk HQ tan however does use natural ingredients for a gorgeous deep tan glow with their dark mouse or something more natural for the everyday tan with their medium Lotion.

Catwalk Hq tan is an Irish Brand Based in Co Galway their tan is made in Ireland using only the best ingredients, they are Paraben free, non toxic and cruelty free as they do not test on animals.

Some of the ingredients include Amino acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Red raspberry Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Aloe Vera. The added hyaluronic acid will not only hydrate the skin but will also improves the wear off of the tan, it won’t go dry and patchy!! The tan also smells really nice, I think husbands and boyfriends will be especially pleased with that, no more horrible fake tan smell!!

Catwalk Hq has a colour guide which means you can see exactly where you are applying it. Once applied it dries in 1 minute and there is no transfer onto clothes or bedsheets. The tan will gradually darken after 2 to 4 hours. The tan will last anywhere form 6 to 8 days.

Tanning Tips

  1. Exfoliate prior to tanning application. Use a body exfoliator or a exfoliating glove concentrating especially on dry areas like knees and elbows
  2. DO NOT moisturise or apply deodorant before you put on tan.(As a beautician I’ve seen the hulk like green transformation that can happen if there are lotions on the skin before a tan is applied).  Just exfoliate in the shower then after, once dry, start applying you tan.
  3. Apply by pumping some tan onto the Luxury mitt which is double sided so allows for extra blending of your tan. Lightly rub over your knees and elbows with whatever excess is left on your mitt.
  4. For face, hands and feet use a fluffy foundation brush and buff them in, this will give a less caked  more natural application, no more orange knuckles!!
  5. Put on loose clothes, no bra, no socks.
  6. The following day shower off (pat your skin dry, don’t rub too vigorously with the towel), don’t panic your tan has set you are merely removing any excess, you won’t wash off all your handwork!!
  7. Over the coming days moisturise every day, this will make your tan last longer.

Any Questions, Leave in the comments below!!!

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