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Dr Derm Cleansing Foam and Peel

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The cleansing foam / peel by Dr. Derm Professional is the perfect tool for exfoliating pores, regulating sebum secretion and soothing the problematic, prone to acne skin. Gently cleanses through naturally-sourced agents, namely PROTEOL APL – natural cleanser extracted from apple juice, and Oramix CG 110 – sugar-extracted cleanser, extremely gentle to the sensitive skin. High-tech ingredient 5a Avocuta is naturally obtained from avocado, shrinks pores, minimizes sebum secretion and bacteria accumulation in the epidermis. Does not contain sulphates, parabens and minerals. Gel like consistenty

Directions for use;

When used as a foaming cleanser: Apply to damp skin with massage movements and rinse with lukewarm water.

Use as a peel: Apply on damp skin, let it work for 2-3 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.

  • Suitable for problematic, acne prone skin.
  • With natural cleansing agents PROTEOL APL and Oramix CG 110.
  • 5a Avocuta – natural avocado extract which shrinks pores and reduces sebum secretion.
  • Natural foaming agents. Does not contain sulfates!
  • For hydrated, soft and matte skin.
  • Does not contain alcohol, minerals and parabens. Not tested on animals.
  • 120ml