Simplify your skincare routine with Luxury Cleansing Pads The perfect way to remove your make up and to enhance your night time routine into a luxury experience.

The King Luxury Cleansing Pad is the perfect accessory to transform your cleansing ritual. Our Incredibly soft Kloud Tech fibres will remove all traces of makeup and impurities with just water.

No need to rub and scrub making it kind to sensitive skin. It is non toxic, reusable and eco-friendly which makes it a must have beauty product for all skin types.

How to Use;

Simply run the Cleansing Pad under warm water and glide over your face using circular motions, until your skin is makeup free and feeling silky smooth.

The Kloud Tech fibres with the warm water allows the Cleansing Pad to reach deep into your pores and gently lift any makeup and impurities, giving your skin an invigorating and healthy glow in a matter of seconds.

We recommend you rinse the pad with anti-bacterial soap & warm water after each use. It may also be machine washed. Hang them with the tag to dry

3 Black Cleansing Pads per pack