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Powder n Pout Duo Tapered Powder Brush P210


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The Duo Tapered Powder P210 Brush

In stock



Perfect for applying foundation, powder, bronzer or blusher.

A rounded, double-chiseled brush for the smooth, refined application of powders and creams to shade, blush and highlight the face.

Made with Duo Fibre Technology, mixed length hairs and super soft fibres that make blending seamless. It applies product smoothly without overloading either the brush or the skin.

The tapered cut of the fibres ensure they hug the face and make tasks such as sculpting your cheekbones easier than before.

I love this brush with both dry and wet products and often use it when applying my primers as it lightly works the product into the skin

Duo Fibre Technology, with wooden handle featuring a double crimped nickle-plated brass ferrule, hand sculpted and precision cut using only the highest quality materials.