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Powder n Pout Pop and Pip Blender set

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In stock


Meet Pop and Pip not only are they super soft and bouncy, they are hypoallergenic and entirely latex and odour free!  For those of us who love full coverage foundation they will apply liquids and creams flawlessly to the skin. Giving ultimate full coverage, while leaving a polished finish on your  skin.

Meet POP

Pop is our pink pointed egg shaped blender,  she round edge is great for blending on the cheeks and large areas while the tip makes covering minor imperfections a breeze.

Meet PIP

Pip is our purple blender, she has a unique tapered middle, with a flat and pointed edge. Designed for blending those harder to reach areas of the face.


Can be used wet or dry. A damp blender is preferable for the best finish. To dampen simply place in water and squeeze repeatedly. The water will absorb into the blender and the sponge should almost double in size. Then ring out the excess water so the sponge remains damp. Simply dab in makeup and bounce along the skin for a flawless finish.

Baking – Apply a generous amount of translucent setting powder under the eyes or any areas that need set, then dust off the excess to finish.