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Ziaja Goats Milk Duo Phase Make up Remover


In stock

In stock


Removes effectively waterproof, even intense make-up.
Contains milk proteins which moisturize and refresh gentle skin around the eyes.
Contains vitamin E and castor oil which strengthen and condition the eyelashes.
Moisturizes gentle skin around the eyes.
Does not leave a greasy film around eyes.
Prevents dehydration of the delicate of the delicate skin around eyes.
Recommended also for contact lens wearers.

ophthalmologically tested
fragrance free
colorants free

Skin type
all skin types

Directions for use
Shake well before use to mix water phase with oil phase.
Moisten cotton pad with make-up remover and gently wipe over eyelids, lashes and lips.
Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Active ingredients
goat’s milk complex, vitamin E, castor oil

120 ml


Ziaja Goat’s Milk products combine nourishing goat’s milk proteins with natural hydrating actives.
They effectively treat very dry and wrinkle prone skin leaving it feeling smoother, softer and revitalised.
All Ziaja Goat’s Milk products are infused with vitamins A, D and Calcium to strengthen and visibly enhance skin firmness and elasticity.
With their rich and creamy consistency, this range is especially great at soothing dry winter-worn skin and is suitable for use by the whole family.
Sufferers of skin disorders such as atopic eczema and psoriasis have found Ziaja Goat’s Milk line an effective regime for their daily skincare needs.