A new, modern formula of a jelly soap introduced for the first time in Ziaja.
Gently cleanses and ensures delicate care.
Provides invigorating bath full of lemon and vanilla bubbles.
Protects the skin from drying out.
The aroma of sunny lemons and vanilla leaves the skin smelling yummy.

Properly cleansed and refreshed skin.
Soft and amazingly fragrant skin.

skin type
all skin types


directions for use
For a relaxing time in bath:
Put the jelly soap it into water, wait till it solves and delicately foams.
During shower:
Scoop out a desired amount of jelly with a dry hand.
Put it into water and mix till it dissolves and creates foam.
Gently wash skin and rinse off.

active ingredients

mild cleansing ingredients

260 ml