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Ziaja Pineapple Sorbet energising Body Scrub


In stock

In stock


Fine-grained scrub in the form of a gel-sorbet.
Contains biodegradable environmental friendly exfoliating particles: silica walnut shells.
Noticeably smooths and softens the skin.
Contains ingredients with anti-cellulite properties.
Prepares the skin for deep absorption of the moisturising products
Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Ideal after workout or before or after sauna sessions.
Has a delicate, refreshing-exotic fragrance.

Perfect combination of everyday gentle cleansing and exfoliation.

Suitable for all skin types

directions for use
Apply onto moistened skin. Massage with circular motions and rinse off. May be used every day.
Do not use after depilation or on damaged skin.

key ingredients

pineapple extract (Ananas Sativus Extract)
Smooths and regenerates.
Improves skin elasticity and firmness.

active caffeine
Improves skin tension.
Strengthens and smooths the structure of the epidermis.

carnitine (Carnitine), coenzyme A (Coenzyme A)
Control lipid metabolism.
In combination with caffeine, they support a slimming effect.


160 ml